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Felix. You know, like the cat. Trans occasional stripper, cosplayer, artist and fashionista. 21 years alive. Livin in Happyville, OK.

I'm awful about remembering to tag my shit, but I like Homestuck, Supernatural, Free!, Attack on Titan, and many more! I'm also a roleplayer, so if you're interested, message me for my Skype c:

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housewife. beauty queen. homewrecker. idle teen.

roxy reminds me so much of electra heart its unreal


hOnK HoNk MoThErFuCkErS :o) (first attempt at gamzee makeup whee)

new dress from GARAGE and Miku wig test <3 And more flower crowns. Just because.

koujaku selfies the sequel: trying to blow my hair out of my face
this was after a hella date with psychaotic-lover. 
love you baboba <3

koujaku selfies pt. 1
ft. psychaotic-lover as baboba

Oops my Mikasa test turned into Rukia

homestuck selfies with psychaotic-lover <3 testing out my Kanaya stuff, and he’s Mituna.




Guys please get this out there. I don’t know if anyone’s posted about this yet, but DO NOT try and make those diy crystals!

I’m gunna fucking shit myself

ok there is willful and purposeful endangerment of a group that consists of a hell of a lot of minors here. what the hell is wrong with these people.




And if you say “I did it with an orca” we’re gonna have a huge problem on our hands XD

Here’s translation for the Makoto audio for you Anon! Thank you for x9673 for the translation! Message from x9673: I’m sorry if there any grammar mistake because i’m still learning English myself ~ Have a nice day ^^”

I like you, no one can interrupt us. So sweet, yesterday it was rushed and it’s dark so i can’t really see it clearly but .. It’s really beautiful. Beautiful.

Here it’s swallowed, you’re feeling it, right ? If that so i’m happy. Yes. Amazing, it’s flowing out a lot.

Don’t. Here, i want to eat it. You too, right ? You want me too right ? It’s alright.

Really … Does it really, feel good ? Me too, it feels so good. As expected, the expression you make is amazing. Your voice, i want to hear it more. Just listening to your voice, i’m already … Feeling it a lot. Your body, your hair, your voice is really something.

Can’t stop. Let me see your face properly, beautiful.