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(Make sure you stretch both sides! I like to do this routine twice on each side as I find myself a little looser after the first run through. Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds. )

Stretching for the Splits: Quick Guide

I get a lot of asks about how to achieve a split, so I took a couple quick videos today to help out anyone who is working toward this goal! These are my favorite side splits stretches. Here are a few things to keep in mind when stretching for the splits:

  • Warm up fully before beginning to stretch! This is important. Warm muscles are much looser and more pliable than cold ones, and much less prone to injury. It’s best to save the stretching for after your workout, or if you aren’t planning on working out, do 5-10 minutes of a full body cardio session that gets your heart rate up. Jumping jacks, kicks, jogging around, running up and down the stairs, dancing to a fast song or two… whatever gets your blood flowing. I find it helpful to do some squats, lunges, and high-knees before stretching my legs as well.
  • Try to keep the hips squared when you stretch.This means that both your hips will be facing forward, your legs should be nearly in line with each other, the knee and foot of the back leg will be facing the floor, and your torso should not twist out to the side. Think of pulling the back leg forward and the front leg back. Whether you perform your split squared or turned out/open will depend on your sport/dance style and aesthetic preference, but when stretching always aim for squared hips as it allows a deeper stretch.
  • Stretch to the point of discomfort, NOT PAIN. Don’t hurt yourself! A pulled muscle can set back all of your progress for weeks or months, so listen to your body!
  • Don’t stretch every day. My general rule is that if my muscles feel fine, I will stretch 2 days in a row, but try to give yourself a break at least every few days and especially if your muscles are very sore. Just like strength training, your body needs time to repair any muscles damage. Stretching too much can actually inhibit your progress. Light stretching however is ok every day.
  • Be patient! Splits don’t happen overnight. It may take some 4 weeks and others 4 months and others 4 years, but keep at it and you will see results :)

Of course there are many many more stretches that you can do to help achieve your splits, but these are the basics that will target the hamstrings and hip flexors for your split. Make sure to vary your routine and add new stretches every so often!

I would rather reblog from the source.
This is exactly what I’m going for right now.
Goal: splits


Holyshitwhatthefuck this is amazing.


Last night a girl left the club in tears. She was a new girl… I think it was only her third night. My friend and I were talking about it and I decided to write an entry outlining reasons why you might not want to start stripping and reasons why you might want to quit.

  • You…



Submitted by astateofimpermanence:

Have any of you seen the new Music Video for Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’ yet?

The video has been criticized and censored for its depictions of violence, but it also deals with assault and from what I can tell in the comments, victim blaming, slut shaming, and…

I come at this from the perspective of a sexual assault survivor myself, and no, I don’t think the video is sensationalized for controversy, and I don’t think the actions of the persona Rihanna wears in the video are ones people should judge as black and white.

See, I’ve had this talk with writing partners before, because my gut instinct with rapists is that if a character in fiction kills one that’s a thing I take a degree of satisfaction in. Have I ever killed any of my own abusers? No. But I’ve thought about it, and removed from real life concerns and my usual sense of morals it’s seemed like a really cathartic idea. To just be free of that presence. For me it’s not about wanting to hurt someone else, but the fantasy of not having to share my life with that person anymore. If they could just go away and never be part of my world again. I live next door to a guy who attempted to rape me. I live in the same town as the man who molested me. When your attackers are people in your community, people who you will see every day you are there, part of you does just want them to not exist anymore.

The community Rihanna’s persona is part of seems like a close knit one. She seems to know her rapist in some way before they dance together. That’s something I want to talk about: Rihanna’s persona spends so much time in flashback scenes just living her life, and doing it in revealing, flattering clothing unlike the usual virginal innocence rape victims are garbed in prior to their rape. But she hugs children in her semi-translucent tube top that shows her nipples. And she hangs out with her friends in the same outfit. And she laughs with people, and she’s friendly with everyone, and it’s a happy, good day. That feeling of goodness moves into the dance party, where she’s obviously having a wonderful time flirting a little, and then when she exercises her right to say no to unwanted advances she still leaves happy. There’s no guilt about turning down a man. There’s no fear in her when she walks home, because she’s happy, and she feels safe. And then this awful person follows her and destroys that.

(Some people have said that if we didn’t see her rape, then we can’t assume she was raped. These people are fucking idiots. We do not need to actually see sexual violation to understand what happened; the implication is clear.)

So Rihanna’s persona runs home in the dark, and God, that’s when I cried at that video. I cried like I cried at Speak when Melinda is walking home holding her shoes, because that is a moment that hurts so, so much. Knowing you have to get up and move, somehow, that you have to do it alone and in the dark (whether or not the sun is out, or if the world is well-lit, it’s dark when you have to do this) and you’re torn between hoping someone will catch you and then you can tell them and hoping that no one even sees you.

She gets that gun and does what seems to make sense to her, and I wonder if her persona even slept that night. I figure she didn’t. The look on her face when she shoots her rapist is pain, not triumph, and the entire song is about her pain and regret that she did this thing, and that’s why I think this video is so strong. It’s one thing to have the fantasy of erasing this person who hurt you, but the reality of following through is why so many victims just don’t. It’s why I told my ex-boyfriend not to hurt the people who raped me. The majority of victims, like the majority of people (being a victim doesn’t automatically give you special empathy, that’s a stereotype), don’t want to hurt anyone else severely. We don’t want to destroy families and have to go into hiding from the law. I praise Rihanna for having the courage to express that for us. Not to speculate on the life of a woman I don’t know, but I wonder if this is sometimes how she feels about seeing Chris Brown continue to be a musical success she undoubtedly can’t avoid accidentally encountering just by turning on the radio or staying in the business: that helpless hurt, which can be made worse when people know and they still don’t do anything. When the world seems to think your hurt can just be glossed over. And it’s not just that, which tragically is what I think people are only going to talk about like Rihanna can’t be drawing on anything but her own experiences, possibly because she is a pop star and thus shallow, or (and this will be more secretive to some extent, save for Youtube comments) a women of color, and thus stupid.

How many well-known men have gotten away with abusing other people? How many men who are only well-known on a local level? In my town, there are boys in high school who everyone. Knows. Gang-raped a girl. Who got pregnant. And had the baby. And now what people are talking about is that the boy she managed to get to pay her child support turned out not to be the biological father of this child, so he doesn’t have to support her anyone, and when people tell this story they laugh. They laugh at her. A child who was fucking gang-raped while she was passed out.

In a world like this, if Rihanna wants to make a video showing her shooting a rapist, I am okay with that—and she doesn’t even glorify it. She doesn’t glory in it at all. She sings about how much that choice has hurt her, and hurt this man, and hurt other people. She makes an important, insightful commentary, and I am so proud of her doing that. She has opened up discussion of slut shaming and victim blaming by showing a “slutty” victim (one who wears what she likes and flirts when she wants to, but still controls her sexuality; a Sexually Liberated Ultra Tasteful person) who has a real life, who was happy and whole and self-assured and not deserving of fucking anything bad. Let alone sexual assault.

This video blows Love The Way You Lie out of the water. I support Rihanna.


People who think that no one uses welfare/food stamps to actually buy things they need can tell that to my hungry 11 year old self who wouldn’t have had decent lunches or meat (at all) without government assistance.

Oh, and who might have gone hungry if there had been drug testing involved. Thanks. I’m glad that you know more about my life than I do! If only I had realized sooner that my mom wasn’t really buying food with that money! I mean, I don’t know what she was doing with it, since our lives were fucking awful at that point and we had a grand total of zero luxuries (I shared a room with my mom! In the basement of my grandma’s condo! I did laundry for the whole house to earn enough dimes to buy myself sodas and candy!), but really, please, enlighten me.

Also, as a child of a drug addict, this law fucking terrifies me. The idea that some kid who is trying to cope with having an addict for a parent (not always easy) also might go hungry or without new clothes or whatnot because some privileged assholes think poor people have to be suffering saints to qualify for help literally makes me cry to think about.


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This is my friend and she is amazing.

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This kind of thing breaks my fucking heart. We never went on welfare, we got free food from extended family in a farming town, but seriously? You do not starve/hurt people because they are less than perfect. Or the child of a less than perfect person. You do not do this. Ever. Christ.

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Food for thought.








PONPONPON(MANLYPON) || cover by Kanzentaicell



Yup, headcanon Dirk singing voice

GT: Strider
GT: Sing for me like one of your anime boys?

Headcanon: Dirk has an amazingly gorgeous singing voice and is pro at singing J-Pop songs. 

I don’t think singing J-Pop is the only thing Dirk is good at…

*scratch flashbacks*


Okay so here is the long awaited explanation for my Koujaku kimono headcanon. So I have made Koujaku’s cosplay, it took me 6 months or so, but I did make with the help of a friend who studied kimono’s. He’s not an expert, but he knows different types of kimonos. I tried to make my cosplay as…



nonononono look your land is supposed to challenge you to help you become a better person not reflect your needs that’s why rose’s was so bright and colorful and john’s so dark and jade’s so cold. 

Dave was insecure enough to the point he had to desperately hold onto his “cool kid” persona and needed a lot of attention. His land is desolate.


Dirk has serious control and anxiety issues. His land is a giant city.


It puts you out of your comfort zone.


Do Not Ever Forget This